How to Avoid Second Sock Syndrome

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I have the perfect solution: make the first one so problematic, and yet so lovely when done, that the second one seems like a total breeze in comparison and you cannot wait to have the pair done to wear. I am aware, that like with many other solutions, your mileage may vary with this one. But look:

I started the second Koigu sock yesterday, and hopefully this one will be much less painful to execute than the first one.

(The tibetan Buddha statue on which it rests is presumably not too happy, but it was handy. )

In the interests of my own sanity, however, I decided to add some colour to the grey knitting and start a new project. Voila mon clapotis (or should it be ma clapotis?):

clapotis1.JPGThe subtle shades in this handpainted yarn are gorgeous. Thanks to Laura, colour expert extraordinaire, for coming up with this gorgeous yarn.

So my Clapotis is in laceweight, on size 5s, following Alianneknits. Also, I am doing the stitches to be dropped in purl. Easier to spot, easier to keep to a rhythm. I like the soft drape, and am still trying to figure out how many increases to do, to give it a good width.

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  • spudsayshi says:

    Oh, so pretty! That skein really was one of Laura’s best combos, I think. If you hadn’t wanted it, I’d totally have bought it.

  • Alison says:

    Ooh, pretty. I hope you like your Clapotis as much as I do. The lace socks are really nice.

    My socks – the “Fair Isle” part is dyed in specks of about an inch long. As long as you use small needles the color and the background color will each take about two stitches, so the design color will be close to the design color on the previous row. I’m not sure how more stitches would affect it (I am using size 0 needles with 72 stitches), but I think the stripes just might be a little bit thinner. It really is great stuff.

  • Stacey says:

    Oooh – nice clapotis! I was just thinking about starting one from my hand dyed that I have sitting around! Do you plan on scarf or shawl width? I’d like a more scarf width one….
    PS – you are probalby right about the V Neck being floppy…round neck it will probably be! :)

  • desiknitter says:

    Thanks, all! Spud, I am feeling quite guilty about having snagged the skein. I’ll have lots left over after this Clapotis; shall I bring the rest over when I visit you in June?

    Alison, I am going to try one of those. I think 64 stitches works best for me; it would be interesting to see how the pattern turns out. Yours is looking great!

    Stacey, I’m going to keep increasing the Clapotis till I have it about 10-12 inches wide, I think. So it will be a biggish scarf.

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