We have a sock…

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greykoigu2.JPG…. or do we? This does look like a completed sock, ready to wear, but then that would be so easy, no? I finally knit to the end of the skein and find that the sock is too tight! I can barely get it past my ankle, and when I do, it’s a right royal pain to get off. Damn! To think it was too loose when I began. This sock is sure trying my patience.

Now I’m in a quandary: 68 stitches was too loose on the foot, and 64 is too tight on the cuff. Actually it’s not the whole cuff, just the top couple of inches. It went over the ankle fine when the stitches were on the needles.
I think I’m going to frog half the cuff and increase a stitch in all the purl sections to make it a little bigger. To all sock gurus reading this, should I do that, or add a ribbed edge? Which will that make it stretchier and easier to wear? Or should I increase some stitches and also add a ribbed edge? Please, all suggestions are welcome. I so don’t want to junk this project. I did bind off in rib, on a size 2 needle.

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  • sepoy says:

    I think you should frog the purl in the rib but, make sure, NO BINDS!

    ok. its 2 in the morning.

  • desiknitter says:

    sepoy, come on, a couple more tries needed only. you’ll be surprised, but you almost made sense there!

  • spudsayshi says:

    Heh. Not at the too small sock dilemma, which is annoying, not funny, but at the almost sensible knitting jargon.

    So, the foot goes on fine, and the beginning of the cuff’s OK, but then it gets too tight? I’m hardly the experienced sock person you’re looking for, but your solution makes sense to me.

    If it’s any comfort, I just did the short row heel too soon, and am going to have to take it out, knit more of the foot, and then do it again. Argh. Especially because I’m being very annoyed at the picking up and knitting (or more purling) two wraps thing.

    Oh. And the socks are pretty, even if they don’t quite work yet!

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