Eyeshades galore (with a pattern!)

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Thanks folks, for the positive feedback on the weird little eyeshade, which is working out quite well. I have to wash it to see how much it snaps back into shape, but it hasn’t stretched all that much in the first place, which is good news. For those of you visiting this blog after a long time or for the first time, this cotton eyeshade (eyemask?) is what I’m talking about. Here is the pattern (links to .pdf file). It’s also available on the sidebar on the left under "Free Patterns." As always, do let me know if any of you make it! ET, if you’re reading this, the original blue I made is yours! I’ll bring it for you next weekend when we meet.

More eyeshades

Classes are over!! I cannot believe it has been two semesters, a full academic year already in my new job. I must say this year has been exceptional in terms of student quality, and my barring a couple, most of them have been a joy to teach and work with. And no, this happy assessment is not entirely to do with the fact that I have a grader this term! May this warm and fuzzy feeling persist in the years to come (grading help, too..)

So E, a close friend and former colleague, visited this week and I went shopping and dining and fooling around with her. Napa was part of our plans, as was an outlet mall, and Stash, my local yarn store. I saw her after almost a year, and we had a blast. I gave her my red Rangoli hat, which looked gorgeous on her. We sported cool eyeshades as we walked around in the sun and felt very chic overall, I must say. Spudsayshi, we missed you very very much, and have decided that the next get-together is going to be in Toronto. We will descend on your fair city with money and determination, and paint it red with you. How about it? (you can see the rangoli hat and my north sea shawl in the picture below):



The only thing missing from this picture (which totally sums up my simple yet decadent week) is my knitting. I had temporarily set it aside for a lunch of Moroccan olives, gouda and local chevre, fresh wholewheat bagels and pear jam and fresh apples from the farmer’s market. And a superb Spanish white rioja.

Now that I read so many blogs regularly, I’ve become familiar with my blog-friends’ colour preferences. I find that when I go to the yarn store and browse through the different colours I’m thinking, hmm, Pamela or Megan would like this green, or Spud would have loved that grey and so on. When I picked up a purple Claudia yarn the other day, I thought of Alison of Alianneknits. She would totally have picked this colour, right, A?

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  • pamela wynne says:

    Congrats on being done with the semester!! (*envy*) And what a lovely way to celebrate. You two do look very stylish here. :)

    And I love that we’re in your heads when you yarn shop! We all probably have that inner monologue, since we see so much of one another’s tastes. By the way, I just found out: I get a grader next year (a rare and wonderful thing, since I’m a grad student myself). Woo hoo!

  • Monika says:

    Thanks for the eyeshade pattern!

  • spudsayshi says:

    Yay! Totally come see me! I’m sad to have missed hanging out with you all, especially since E’s now willing to wear red, which should make shopping with her yet more fun!

  • Alison says:

    I totally would have picked the color! (What’s the colorway, btw?) I got some of the famous STR this weekend and both skeins have a fair amount of purple. I know, big surprise :-)

  • Opal says:

    It’s good to know about the Louet Gems. Only 2 or 3 wears and they’re already falling apart? Eek!

  • Gosh, how did I miss this post?? I’ve been a very bad blog reader and commenter, lately. Drat that academia! Such a time-sucker! And knitting time? Nope, none here… love your eyeshades! I’m thinking some in a silky blend would be nice.

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