Diwali lights and gifts

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It’s Diwali: the annual festival of lights, spread over these four days from now until Sunday. Diwali wishes to all! May the new year bring good cheer and happiness, renewal and fulfillment all around.


This is the one festival that my family celebrates with abandon, and the one festival I can never be home for, given the dratted semester system. To be sure, there are religious ceremonies, and a mythical tale of good triumphing over evil that ensures renewal and prosperity – but what is Diwali without new clothes, fireworks, and food? The centrepiece is a snacks package called faraal in Marathi – about twenty different types of eats are made specially in each family, depending on their resources, taste and enthusiasm. Everyone exchanges faraal over the Diwali weeks and you give yourself over entirely to fried dough, powdered sugar and clarified butter. It is a good time. I am attempting an ambitious faraal myself this time, but more about that in the next post – cross your fingers that I manage to get it all together.

My festivities began spectacularly today. I had a very intense, exhilarating graduate seminar class, and came back home to open a package from Finland, containing this:


Silja sent me the most gorgeous sock ever in the whole wide world, encased in a wonderful little bag, along with a spare skein of Regia silk for me to knit the second one in the pair.


I love the colour, the fit, the pattern – thank you, thank you, thank you single sock partner! You chose everything just right, and this is just the perfect, timely festival gift. I cannot wait to knit its pair. I have been wearing the lone sock all over the flat already. That Cookie A. is a genius designer, just look at the twisted flower stitches:


Finally, this evening concluded on a pleasant note with this finished object:


Although not mine, I am proudly featuring it on the blog, as the first FO of my friend who learnt how to knit not two weeks ago! Isn’t it gorgeous? Just look at the elegant shape. She switched to DPNs in our neighbourhood Chinese restaurant this evening over dinner, and we walked home to cast off and photograph the hat amidst much squealing and glee. I am amazed at how smoothly she transitioned from circulars to DPNs, and from ribbing to stockinette to decreases. Definitely a natural at the craft! I think I have some idea of what evangelists feel like, finally. She left the house muttering, “cabling without a cabling needle…” even without my broad hints about knittinghelp.com, Ravelry, Zimmermann, etc….. I think we might have a convert!

It’s not for nothing that all the photos in this post have a warm glow, eh?

18 Responses to “Diwali lights and gifts”

  • Pikku-Kettu says:

    Happy Diwali!

    I’m glad to hear that the package got there okay and that the sock fits!

    What an awesome first project! That certainly sounds like the Knitters have a new convert. :)

  • Mel says:

    A very happy Diwali!

    And I love your Ganesh statuette. May he remove all obstacles for you in the coming year.

  • Dawn says:

    I wasn’t sure what the correct well wish was but it sounds like my first thought was correct so. . . Happy Diwali! Your friends hat is fantastic!! I really love it. And, what a gorgeous sock!

  • Mary says:

    Happy Diwali Desiknitter! Wishing you all the best for the coming year!

    ps: that sock is truely lovely. Lucky you. Looking forward to seeing your mate. Speaking of mates, your “young” knitter there did a bang-up job on her hat. Congratulations. Looks like another person has crossed the threshold into the world of color and fun!

  • stacey says:

    Happy Diwali! :) That sock is beautiful – it should be fun to knit the other one! This was a great swap!

  • spudsayshi says:

    That sock is gorgeous!! And happy Diwali. Sadly, I cannot now think of that festival without hearing Michael Scott singing his Diwali song.

    (here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Luw0TK6WKuc)

  • mazhalai says:

    Heres wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali!

  • Amy says:

    That sounds like a really fun festival! The sock and hat are *most* worthy.

  • Vasudha says:

    The very best and warmest Diwali wishes to you, Desiknitter! Your post reminded me (again!) of how much I miss being home this time of year – but good things happening today certainly helps make it better! I’m sure the socks are keeping you warm – a particularly nice “new clothes” for Diwali!

  • Stella says:

    Happy Diwali! I’m looking forward to seeing your tasty treats…

    That sock is just beautiful. It’s been so much fun to watch all the first socks grow and then see who they end up with!

    Oh, and that hat? SO much better than my first hat.

  • femiknitter says:

    Happy Diwali!

    Sounds like a wonderful first day of celebrations–that twisted flowers sock is fantastic, and I’m completely impressed by your newbie-friend’s progress! She definitely sounds like she’s becoming one of us.

  • Dödergök says:

    I just wanted to say thank’s for the lovley Rangoli hat pattern. I’v knitted mine in silk-alpaca and I just love it!
    Here is a link to a picture on my blog : http://bp1.blogger.com/_1A5N-_-Hfho/RyiVKwjkWNI/AAAAAAAAAyQ/_aoKqBnv-PM/s1600-h/the+rangoli+hat.JPG
    The blog is in swedish but a picture says more than 1000 words or something like that…. :)
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    And I must add, what a handsome sock you have recived!

  • lobstah says:

    Wow, those socks are fantastic! I think I need to make those for my sis, in the same color! Gorgeous.

  • Jennifer says:

    Happy Diwali! What a lovely sock you received–you must bring it to show us next Friday! And what a great hat your friend made–I’m impressed!

  • Kirsten says:

    Happy Diwali!
    My kids spent the weekend celebrating with my MIL, while DH and I were on a weekend getaway. They came back saying thay had never felt more Indian. (She even took them to a Bollywood movie) It was good for them to get the opportunity to explore this side of their heritage.

  • Opal says:

    I *love* that sock! I am just dying to start that pattern. I have the yarn all ready to go. I just need to get my brain back online. :)

    Congratulations to your new knitter friend on her first FO! The hat looks fantastic!

  • i have sock envy, soooo bad,

  • [...] Last Diwali I rued the fact that I could never be home for this mid-semester festival. I had a blast instead with friends in the Bay Area. This year, amazingly, the food took a backseat even though I was with my family, and instead of celebrating at home, we skipped the festivities and the ear-splitting, incessant firecrackers in the city and went on a trip. We went back to north Karnataka: our route this time was Saundatti-Hampi-Aihole-Pattadkal-Badami-Kudala Sangama-Almatti. Below is a spread of one photo from each location respectively. As always, click through to Flickr for larger versions, and many more annotated photos of each site. [...]

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