The Princess and the Frog

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That’s what popped into my head the minute I saw this photo – a shapeless frog with bulbous eyes at the top, blue because of the cold or because he’s lonely, sidling up to a pretty, purply, plump princess who’s not sure she likes him. This is what October heat and the delirium of putting up two finished objects on the blog after eons will do to you. You anthropomorphize your knitted garments (the frog would become a prince sooner or later, yes?) and weave a fairy tale around them.



Truth be told, these are not mine. As in, I didn’t knit them – my mum did. I added the buttons, and pretty much did the maths on both of them. The Blue Frog is The Thrifty Knitter’s Nifty baby riff on the Cobblestone, but with redone numbers cast on onwards. It was an absolute breeze to knit, with hardly any shaping or finishing. The Purple Princess I sort of did from scratch, trying to feminize the frog and give it sleeves and some flare for a baby niece. The yarn was all leftovers that I brought over from the US for her to make baby things with. The biggest effort was writing down the instructions in Marathi for my mum so she can file the patterns. She is thrilled to bits with the end results – total garter and cotton love!


Instead of the buttons at the side, we put them at the back, and added a contrast border. So she began at the chest with a provisional cast on, knit in garter stitch up to the shoulders, and then picked up stitches at the chest to knit below in stockinette. One rapid increase on the first row gave the gentle frock-like flare. I think it was more effort than necessary – too many ends to weave in at the top, even though it looks okay. It might be easier to start at the neck in one piece with raglan sleeves and then increase at the chest. Hmmm. I might actually try it this way with another sample and write up the pattern in English and Marathi for a free download.

So, specs:

Blue Frog: 100% worsted cotton yarn hand dyed by Laura of Textiles a Mano; no idea how much got used, but it wasn’t much. Size 6 needle. Cast on 120 stitches.

Purply Princess: 1.5 hanks of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, plus some purple DK 100% cotton also from Laura. The gauges for both were different, so size 6 needle for the magenta and 5 for the purple. It worked out okay though. Also cast on 120 at the chest, and increased to 160 for the flare.


I know you’re squinting at those umbrella buttons, so here’s the obligatory macro shot:


While we’re on the fairy tale theme, it’s amazing how all it took was a blog post for my own knitting fortunes to turn around. Thanks for all the suggestions and encouragement – I first ripped out the Aran Cardigan and suddenly, out of nowhere, I remembered an old project that I had snatched the yarn from midway to make the Cobblestone. Simple cables and stockinette seemed too dull to knit then, but they practically sang to me now. So, since I last whined to you all, here’s what I knit:


Nice, eh? I can’t put it down, I even knit it in the bus the other day. Am already halfway down the undivided top, and it won’t be long before I divide for the body and sleeves. So I do get my stockinette hoodie after all, but with some needed twist! What’s more, I got the right gauge at 5 spi on size 6 needles, and it will (hopefully) be my desired finished size of 40 inches, without any maths or mods. I haven’t decided yet whether to add the hood, or make a different collar. And maybe add pockets. What’s not to love?


Tomorrow kicks off a series of trips here and there – maybe this will get done soon!

6 Responses to “The Princess and the Frog”

  • eSSKnits says:

    These are pretty adorable. I love the colors. I am sure you are having fun in India :)

  • orata says:

    The baby clothes are SO cute! And I love the BPT so far. That’s one of those projects I overlooked originally because of the variegation, but I think the cable details are so cute.

  • rima aranha says:

    So very cute! Princess and Frog — hehe, your niece is going to be one happy girl.

  • Manduka says:

    Arrey how nice! And you know I approve of the Bpt color.

  • Preeti says:

    Adorable!!! Love the buttons!

  • netra says:

    its so preety
    can i have the patteren of it :)

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