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Last week I went to Madison for the big annual conference in our field. Like all good conferences, this one allowed me to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. And some friends I knew, but had never actually met. Like Mary and Huan-hua, long time blog friends. They took me to Lakeside Fibers, one of the most beautiful yarn stores I have ever seen – bright, large, welcoming and full of glorious natural light.



We sat out back in the coffee room, which was playing Aretha Franklin, and was lined with finished projects and a whole wall of Cascade 220.



I think I want that kind of home decor – some finished projects, a wall of books, another of yarn, some great music and comfy chairs to lie back and chat or read, and the aroma of coffee and baked goods that isn’t overpowering. If there’s no french vanilla or cinnamon, that should take care of that, I think.



I even knitted a bit on my shawl!



I love Madison, especially since I’ve always visited it in fall when it’s riotously in colour. This time it had a special twist – Mary and Huan-hua, thanks so much for the wonderful meet-up! To commemorate the lovely warm light in that room that afternoon, and the warmth of new friendships, I chose these shades.


The variegated bronze is Zauberball, a wool-polamyde sock yarn whose colours are supposed to diffuse in the fabric like this. Isn’t that stunning? The solid at the back is a more simple Cascade Heritage, with which I want to try one of Cookie’s genius sock designs. It’s in the shade cinnamon, which is so much nicer as a shade than an ingredient in desserts.

Mary also generously gifted me this fabric. Tracy, you were very much missed, although you were present on Mary’s camera screen with us. Thank you so much for the fabric! I cannot wait to make something with it, and hope that when we all meet next – somewhere in India in December or January? – I will have turned it into something wearable.


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  • Ruth says:

    Ah, Lakeside. Such a lovely place to sit and knit. They make a mean apple-cheese-nut-butter sandwich, too. Glad you had fun on your visit to Madison.

  • Tracy says:

    Gaaah, what a wonderful sight, you three together at Lakeside Fibers!!
    (Except for the pangs of utter wish-I’d-been-there…. sharp pangs indeed.)
    I’ve done some spinning in that nice little park behind you – that yarn shop is way up at the top of my list, for all the reasons you mentioned.

    You all are so lovely, and I’m glad to see Huan Hua is wearing her sweater which should be worn every day because it’s so excellent and perfect.

    So glad you like the fabric! I pre-washed the khadi I bought, and it softens up so nicely. Can’t wait to see what you make.
    Thanks for the shout-out. I missed you all, too, and was impatiently waiting for someone to blog :)

  • Mints! says:

    Looks like a great meet. I loved the color of the wool you got and cant wait to see the socks.

  • marri says:

    that looks like the most wonderful yarn store EVER. so. jealous.

  • mazhalai says:

    oooooo beautiful yarn and fabric
    and looks like you had lotsa fun in WI

  • Huan-Hua says:

    Hurray! I will have to hurry up and do my post on this too. I know Mary already took the hard part out of it by sending us the pictures.
    Guess what happened at Lakeside the other day? I stopped in again to pick up some Noro Kureyon (they used to have a pretty good selection) and was told they were out of stock and not planning to get any more! Unbelievable :(

  • rima aranha says:

    I miss Madison! You had such a good time. I am jealous :)

  • Mary says:

    Excellent post. You really captured the spirit of the afternoon! That was a lot of fun! Desiknitter, it was so great to meet you after all this time of being friends online. And hanging out with Huan-Hua is always a blast. Thank you both for one of the best afternoons ever. Yarn, sun, drinks, space, and friendly banter. You can’t beat it. I look forward to hanging out again. India? December? Tracy, you in?

  • Preeti says:

    That looks like such a great afternoon and that row of hats is perfect. Waiting to see the zauberball knit up – perfect autumn shades!

  • sajbat says:

    Love those colors!! And I love knitting with Cascade Heritage. Mostly, though, I love the hat that is first in the row, with the knitted garden and sunshine pom–so sunny I’ll have to make it for my daughter for the cold winter here.

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