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FO: Stripey sideways hat

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All it took was a lazy weekend and Jeremy Brett (how I adore thee, sigh! Robert Downey who??) to finish this hat:

UPDATE: The .pdf link for the free pattern is here.



As I mentioned, I hazarded the pattern from a handknit hat a student showed me (she said she bought it in Edinburgh), and it turned out to be very simple. Photo-steps of the process:

I cast on 20 stitches with a provisional cast on (aside: cotton yarn is *perfect* for the crochet chains, the chains come undone beautifully without any fibres getting tangled in the stitches):

I knit in alternate garter ridges for about 21 inches (wrapped around my head several times to check fit):

I grafted the two ends together, with right side facing (the resultant seam is not a garter ridge, but looks ok):

I picked up 120 stitches along one end, and decreased every other row till I had 10 stitches left. (k10, k2tog, repeat all around; then, k9, k2tog all around the following time; then k8, k2tog all around, and so on):

At the other end I also picked up 120 stitches and knit k2,p2 ribbing for 5 rows, and then bound off all stitches knitwise, to give the edge some firmness:

Initially I was a bit worried that the electric blue would be too bright, but I don’t think so now. I absolutely love the stripes and the hat is very comfy and warm. I like this fit, where the sideways garter ridges give it some flexibility, and the tent-like, boxy shape also prevents it from being too tight at the top and flattening my hair.

Tech Specs:
Needles: size 6 16″ circulars, and DPNS
Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8 in black, and one unidentified worsted weight blue, both from stash, both less than 200 yards each. Manduka, if you’re reading this, do you remember what yarn this is? You had given me the skein long ago.
Gauge: Didn’t bother, really, but it is in the neighbourhood of 5 spi.
Size: The hat is about 7.5 ” deep.

Anybody know of a published pattern like this one? I don’t want to write it up as a detailed free pattern if there exists one just like this, even if I “unvented” the pattern by eyeballing a hat in the wild, so to speak.