A February Baby and its Sweater (in April)

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A couple of months back, I finished a long-running project: a February Baby. A boy design, my own!

February Baby

So of course, I had to make a February Baby sweater for him:


Last year I made my first February Baby Sweater but posted about it in March. This year, thanks to the new arrival, I’m getting around to it only in April. Let us see if this monthly progression continues with more FBSs down the line..

Project Notes:

Pattern: Baby Sweater on Two Needles; Practically Seamless (Elizabeth Zimmermann, Knitterā€™s Almanac)

Yarn: Socks that Rock Fingering, in Vancouver Violet, maybe half a skein.
Needles: Size 5.
Gauge: 5.5 spi in garter stitch.
Size:To fit a 7-8 lbs newborn. 7.5″ total length, 18? chest circumference, 7″ shoulder to armhole, 4″ neck to armhole, and 4″ armhole to wrist.

I scaled the pattern down to fit a newborn – started with 50 stitches and went up to 148 stitches in 10 garter ridges. Then I did four pattern repeats, before dividing at the armhole. Then I measured him as I went along for the sleeve and body length. It fit perfectly when he was a week old, and he pretty much lived in it till he was a month old, but as March rolled around, it got too warm to wear. He still wears it occasionally at two months, but it’s now a little short at the sleeves.


The sleeve instructions of this pattern, anyway a very loosely worded one, are somewhat ambiguous. Racing to finish the sweater amidst a suddenly, radically changed sleep schedule and a new person to get to know, I totally botched up the picking up of the stitches at the armhole for the body. I picked up too few, and as a result, the sleeves didn’t quite sit flat and right. But the edges folded in very cooperatively, so I just sewed the sleeves in with a seam allowance.


Terrible to do it, I know, and even worse to photograph and blog about it. I should have snapped the picture, frogged the body, redone it with the right number of stitches and detailed the repairs. But honestly, an heirloom object as this first project for my son will likely be, I couldn’t have cared less at that point, and neither did he. I was just thrilled to finish it and put it on him!

12 Responses to “A February Baby and its Sweater (in April)”

  • AS says:

    Not terrible, given how quickly he’s likely to outgrow it, and it will then sit happily as baby’s first (?) sweater for ever and ever. Yay to you, to him, and to the whole family!

  • mazhalai says:

    Welcome to him again and what a wonderful idea to make the Feb sweater for the Feb baby!

  • flicka says:

    Many, many congratulations! Thanks for sharing photos!

  • Heartiest Congratulations!

  • Michelle says:

    He is gorgeous, Congratulations Mama! I remember those first few months vaguely but fondly. Some of my favorite memories were the quiet moments where my Maya was asleep in the baby sling on my chest while I knit.

  • vasudha says:

    Congratulations!! He is lovely, and the sweater is adorable!!

  • Skiffyknitter says:

    Congratulations! A beautiful sweater for a beautiful boy.

  • Deepa says:

    Aren’t you the sly one, keeping this original design hidden from us! Congratulations on your lovely baby boy. The sweater is beautiful but the model is even better.

    Enjoy every minute. My little guy is two and I often wish I could have his infancy to experience over again. :)

  • Mary says:

    Congratulations! So beautiful. And the boy is kinda cute too. ;)
    So what are the paneer pics for?

  • Preeti says:

    Congratulations!!!! He is precious and in his first handknit too!!

  • Karma says:

    Congratulations! What happy news. He’s absolutely beautiful!

  • Lovely Baby says:

    Thanks for this article………!!

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